Friday night, you arrive at your favorite club in the city and surprise…the line is one hour long.

For those who love to party but hate to wait in line, we have created an app that allows you not only to see how long the line is, but also enables you to pay a premium in order to skip that line.

By downloading Q-Jump, your ruined night will turn into a blast. Each venue featured in our app will include the waiting time and the price to skip the line, as well as how many Q-Jump passes are available .

How does it work?

Q-Jump is a free application that can be found on the App Store. When you open the app for the first time, you are given the option to create your account and put your credit card or PayPal information in. This way, no monetary exchange is necessary, and each purchase of a Q-Pass will be taken care of electronically.

Show this pass to the bouncer at the club entrance and start your night.

Why wait for fun?