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Who wants to Q-Jump?

Out of our sample of 160 people, roughly half were frequently in situations where they had to wait in long lines to get into a bar or club.

At Q-Jump know that waiting to get into a bar/club with a long line is extremely discouraging.

As bar and club owners know, the more people they can get through the door, the more revenue they can generate in the night. So why not create a way to get people through the door and profit from it.

The results of our survey showed that bars and clubs lose a lot of customers from long lines. Take a look at the results here:

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.37.18 AM.png

That’s a huge amount of customers lost!


Naturally, we had to ask another question. Are the lines so annoying that people would pay to skip them? This is what we found out:

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.43.33 AM.png

Out of the 159 people who answered this question, 61% would pay to skip the line. At a $5 price point, that’s nearly $500 for one bar/club in one night. If we have 10 bars in each city, and provide this service in 10 cities, we can make $50,000 in one night. If we make this much in one night per week for 48 weeks, we can generate $2.4 million dollars in revenue in one year. And this is an extremely conservative projection. Some Q-Jump passes can cost up to $30-$40, and we plan on being in far more than 10 bars and 10 cities. We also plan on generating revenue more than one day per week.

How does Q-Jump make money?

Q-Jump and the partner club/bar will evenly split the profit from buying a Q-Jump pass.

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